Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Glamorous Handmade Violet Witch Hazel Perfume Label Bottle

I had fun creating a charming clear glass perfume bottle, utilizing a copy vintage Witch Hazel label. The label is adorned with violets with the background color being cream. So I decided to incorporate cream flowers (a millinery flower and a hand-rolled muslin flower), a spray of purple violets, tulle, crinkled ribbon, rhinestone chain, pearls.

Since the bottle did not have a top, I added a cork stopper. A rhinestone chain encircles the perimeter of the stopper, which is topped with a very unique button that truly is the icing on the bottle, so to speak (really it became the top of the bottle). The button is purple and pink enamel encrusted with rhinestones which perfectly complements the perfume label. 

The bottle is for sale on Etsy or in our online store.  


  1. I love bottles, I don't know what it is, bottles and linen. Your bottle is adorable!!!


  2. That's beautiful! Great makeover of that bottle. Love the flowers and that brooch!