Sunday, July 7, 2013

Settled in Florida and Back to Creating

 Wow! Its been a long time since I posted, but I have a somewhat plausible excuse. I was offered a job in Florida the Monday before Thanksgiving and was asked to come ASAP. Well that meant getting on a plane, leaving all of our belongings and finding a place to live within one week from Monday. The least expensive flight was on Thanksgiving Day. My husband and I left earlier than normal for the airport, as that was only shuttle available at such a last minute.Fortunately for us we had plenty of time to waste, as the shuttle that we were on got a flat tire about a third of the way to the airport. We had to wait about an hour for a new shuttle to come and retrieve the passengers and all of the luggage. Many of the passengers missed their flight.Tempers were pretty high, as many of the passengers had loved ones waiting for them so that the family could partake in the traditional Thanksgiving meal. As for my husband and I, we had our Thanksgiving meal sans our two sons and their girlfriends, at the TGIF in the Atlanta airport. We arrived at our hotel in Cape Coral at 2:30 am, having landed in Tampa about 3 hours earlier.

Our youngest son (turned 19 the Saturday after Thanksgiving) took care of our house and two Great Danes. My husband and I started looking for a place to rent in the Port Charlotte/Englewood area, as this was going to be my homebase for my new job. God is amazing, we found a home to rent and couldn't have asked for a better landlord and the company that I work for, is amazing as well. We ahd our car shipped right before Christmas. After the first of the year we had our youngest Great Dane shipped from the Seattle area to our home in Port Charlotte, Florida. The van driver took amazing care of our baby and he arrived safely after 6 days of travel, just ahead of the nasty, blizzard weather that seemed to blanket the midwest for most of the winter. This company specializes in transporting animals, which for us was a blessing, as it is NOT recommended shipping by airplane a large dog due to bloat. My husband went back to the Seattle area in February to get our house ready to sell.

 Our household items are still in Seattle and will not be shipped until our house sells. But for now I am content with my dog, car and the things that I am able to find here and there for a song and a prayer.

Here is one project that I have been dreaming of for awhile. I found the birdcage at Goodwill for $4. I took the bottom off and tossed it. Then I spray painted the birdcage. The hardest part was finding a chandelier to fit inside the birdcage. This is not the exact chandelier, the one that I used had 3 lights and this one has 5, but other than that it is identical. I took the chandelier apart and then spray painted the light part the same color as the birdcage.

My husband hung the light on the front porch, saving the old nasty fixture so that we could put it back up when we are done renting the house.

Viola! Just what I imagined and more.....

Let there be light!

Enjoy till next time and I promise that I will not take so long between posts!