Monday, March 12, 2012

French Script Dining Room Chair

Went into the local thrift store this past Friday and found 5 dining room chairs for a fine price. However, one of them will need to have some tender loving care, as it was a chewing toy for a puppy or maybe a grown gr8 dane like mine, that never seem to outgrow chewing something. Oh yeah, it is leather that they never seem to outgrow chewing. I hate to think about how many shoes I have lost and how many cowboy boots my husband has lost. The joy of living with gr8 danes! Surely can't be a materialistic person, cause they will get to your most idolized thing first! However, once a gr8 dane invades your life, you are a gr8 dane host for the rest of your life.

Oh, that is right I started this post about the dining room chairs that I came upon. Here is a picture of a chair prior to it's transformation.

I took the chair apart, ripped off the upholstery and started work using one of my newest colors of chalk paint (Pure White) that my dear husband bought for my birthday last week. He bought me four colors, a new can of clear wax and a wax brush! I told him all that I wanted for my birthday was chalk paint and he listened big time!

Added some new padding, as the chair padding was a mess. The upholstery fabric is a print that I found at one of my local fabric stores. Then I happened to come across the same fabric at that very same night looking for something else and it was half the price including free shipping for purchases over $35. Thank goodness I only purchased a half yard. Goes to show that you really have to be careful on your whim purchases!

Here is the final product, sans waxing.

She is now located in my Etsy shop. I will finish her four siblings this week.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

French Style Side Table

I found this table at the Goodwill and knew that it would be just the table to try and convert to a French table. The table is not quite done in these pictures, as I want to wax using a dark wax. I am very nervous about this step and that is why I haven't set out to finish the table. In the heated excited to get started on this table, I so totally forgot to take a before picture. Visualize in your mind a sad, dark, drab little table with its finish wasting away and adorned with cigarette burns on its top.

This sweet French table is done in ASCP Paris Grey and Old White. The gold trim is AMOCO Rub 'N Buff Antique Gold. I painted the drawer pulls with the Rub 'N Buff Antique Gold cut with a drop, and I mean drop because it becomes very runny and messy if you add any more than a drop, of turpentine. The handles took two coats of the mixture. Once the Rub 'N Buff was dry, I buffed both the trim and the drawer pulls.

Check back later for an update on the waxing. I am waiting to take it to my ASCP stockist to have her encourage me through my fear. When it is done I will be adding it to my Etsy store.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chic French Octagon Pedastal Accent Table

I found this lonely little table at Goodwill for a fair price. I saw the potential in my mind and wanted to play around with a few new colors of chalk paint.

The table started out a gaudy metallic bronze color. Not my style! I slapped on some Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint and decided that it needed some accenting. I decided to layer the outside of the octagons with Annie Sloan Old White. So I taped up the edges with blue painter's tape and painted away. Looking better.

I have been intrigued with AMCO Rub 'N Buff and decided to add French script and a filigree border around the script using silver Rub 'N Buff. So I pulled out a Martha Stewart stencil for the border and an Elmer's Metallic Paint Pen (I would normally use a Sharpie, but could not find a water base paint pen, only an oil base paint pen. The oil base can not be used on the Chalk Paint, so I have been told. The Elmer's worked just fine. Tada ~

For the finish, I slightly distressed the table and put a clear wax coat over the paint. This table is for sale in my Etsy shop.

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