Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chic French Octagon Pedastal Accent Table

I found this lonely little table at Goodwill for a fair price. I saw the potential in my mind and wanted to play around with a few new colors of chalk paint.

The table started out a gaudy metallic bronze color. Not my style! I slapped on some Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint and decided that it needed some accenting. I decided to layer the outside of the octagons with Annie Sloan Old White. So I taped up the edges with blue painter's tape and painted away. Looking better.

I have been intrigued with AMCO Rub 'N Buff and decided to add French script and a filigree border around the script using silver Rub 'N Buff. So I pulled out a Martha Stewart stencil for the border and an Elmer's Metallic Paint Pen (I would normally use a Sharpie, but could not find a water base paint pen, only an oil base paint pen. The oil base can not be used on the Chalk Paint, so I have been told. The Elmer's worked just fine. Tada ~

For the finish, I slightly distressed the table and put a clear wax coat over the paint. This table is for sale in my Etsy shop.

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  1. I keep hearing so much about that chalk paint. Everyone seems to love it.