Monday, June 11, 2012

I Hate Throwing Things Away

What do you do when you have an oops project? The pieces, one of which is above and was intended to cover a seat cushion for a dining room chair that I was re-purposing, to this project sat around for awhile because I hate to throw things away. The picture does not really show the oops, but it is there. The original printed paper that I was burnishing onto the fabric shifted and when I was finished with the burnishing there was a shadow on some of the letters and the cluster of grapes was very blurry. The appliqued insert did not have enough room for a seam (it was originally meant to be in the middle piece of a slipcover for an ottoman), which is what I needed for the project that it was created for. So after sitting for a couple of months,  I finally came up with a plan. 


Put the two oops projects together to make a throw pillow. I covered the above oops (osnaburg fabric) by appliqueing the other oops (unbleached muslin) over the top. Looking great at this point with one exception - the appliqued fabric piece did not quite cover the oops on the bottom fabric. So to the rescue sweet rolled unbleached muslin and tea dyed muslin rosettes.

I am tickled pink that my two oops projects are no longer in the pile to throw away!

I will be partying with the following this week:


  1. Boy, what a great save. You would never know it was an oops at all.

  2. Your pillow is tres magnifique! Sometimes those "oops" become real brainstorms! Love those pretty fabric flowers and beautiful graphics. I noticed on your profile you mentioned that you are planning a cross country move. You have my sympathy! I know just how much work that is, moving is one of my least favorite things to do! How soon are you going to FL?

  3. It looks fabulous! No oops there! Usually I hate looking at mistakes so I just bite the bullet and throw it away, otherwise I feel bad every time I look at it!