Monday, September 3, 2012

French Demilune Table Created From Dining Room Table

I found this lonely beat up dining room table at a thrift store and knew exactly what it needed to be a well-loved center of attention treasure. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the table before my friend's husband cut it just as I wanted, shaking his head the entire time because he could not wrap his head around my vision.

When he was done I had two ends (as well as four legs, not seen in pictures) like the one above and would create two demilune tables, one for my enjoyment and one to add to my web store. Boy was I excited to get started. I chose French Linen and Paris Gray Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I used Amaco Rub-n-Buff in Gold Leaf for the indented trim on the table skirt and legs; I finished this table a couple of months ago before Annie Sloan gilding wax became available.

I love the way that French Linen, used on the table top, and Paris Gray, used on the legs and table skirt compliment each other.

The gilding wax puts an icing on the cake so to speak.

I had a hard time taking pictures of the full table, as the only drawback on this table is that it does not have a supporting leg, so the table back will need to be attached to a wall using "L" brackets. Therefore, my overgrown boxwoods serve as the table support wall. Here is another picture with not so great lighting, as it makes the table top look bluish gray.

This week Shabby Gr8 Dane will be partying with:


  1. What an awesome transformation! I love the color, and to get two beautiful tables from that ugly duckling was a huge bonus. Great job!

    1. Thank you Betsy. I think that I was blessed to get two pieces that I could use for next to nothing.

  2. What a gorgeous table transformation, Sherrie--this is so pretty! I love the shades of gray, and the little bit of gold rub and buff that you used really bring out the lovely details. It was so nice to hear from you at my blog--thank you for stopping by! I have a Great Dane story: One time my hubby and I were walking up to a house, one where we did not know the owners. It was a small house with a large bay window by the front door. We knocked on the door, and as if my magic these 3 gigantic Great Danes suddenly appeared and started jumping up and down! A small woman then came out of the kitchen, said one or two words, and the dogs sat right down. We found out that she takes in Great Dane rescue dogs and takes care of them until appropriate forever homes are found for them! Your dogs are lovely--obviously beautiful show dogs. I used to show horses!

    1. Athena,

      Love your shared story. Once a Great Dane owner, always a Great Dane owner. I have many a friend who does rescue. I can tell you what, my dogs would not just be quiet at the command of a couple of words, guess I haven't trained them very well, LOL. They want attention and not from me, but from the person who has come to the door or fence; therefore they keep up the noise til the person pays attention to them. Obnoxious, but gotta love them.

      Showing is a whole different world and not one that I appreciate too much, as it is too subjective. Fortunately, we have a handler who goes in the ring with our dogs.

      Have a great day.

  3. That is one cute transformation! Where are you moving to in Florida!...Orlando? No, I did not know you where here! Let me know when you get here and we can meet


    1. Carol,

      Thanks for the visit.

      Not too sure at this point where we will end up, it is all about the job. I have wanted to be an extension agent since I graduated from college many moons ago. With family and my husbands very secure and great paying job, my career desires took a back seat. Now that my husband is retiring, I can pursue my dreams. We would love Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater or Ft. Meyers/Cape Coral area, but who knows. I will definitely get in touch when I make it to Florida - planning on a move the beginning of November. Have a phone interview in Panama City first of next week, fingers crossed.