Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rest in Peace Sweet Emily

Sad last 24 hours. My dear 18 yo niece passed away on February 5. She suffered a fatal asthma attack. Her life was short and oh so hard. The last time I saw her she was lovingly doting on and caring for her dying grandma, as we all sat together in the hospice house where my mom spent her last week of life. You see, my mom and aunt were the primary caretakers for my niece and her brother becuase their mom and dad were struggling with their own mental health issues. They were in the picture, but had a difficult time parenting full-time.

I know that Emily is in a better place, back with her grandma that she so greatly loved, with her maternal grandfather that she never met, as he died from cancer 16 years prior to her birth and her paternal grandfather that passed away when she was a toddler.

It is never easy when a young person passes before they have a chance to enjoy their adult years. However, she was a child of innonence and struggled after her grandmother passed. Highly intelligent, she was bored by school and flunked because she refused to turn in her homework, though she would pass her tests with percents in the high 90's or even 100. She asked me one day why it was so important to turn in homework, if she could pass the test without studying. And with that I could only answer that it was about the rules, because logically she was right.

Fly, fly away with the angels sweet, Emily!

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